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At Starred, we're committed to unburdening recruiters with respective daily tasks so you can focus on what really matters, your Candidate Experience. So we are creating a collection of Google Sheets to make your life easier. Stay tuned.


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for recruiters?

No two recruiters are the same, and don't we know it! We get you, and regardless of whether you're obsessed by the freshest hacks, an event-maniac, or unfamiliar with digital communication and eager to learn, we will offer you all the resources you need.



Hey, you. Your face looks familiar. Mark, is it? No? Sorry, I must've confused you with someone from last week's conference. You know how it is, I travel all the time, but I love it. This event is a bomb. I'm sure I'll get all the contacts I need to make my boss happy. Will you be at the next one? Great. See you there!


Oh, hi! Hi! I'm Red, nice to meet you, sir. I'm sorry for being a little late, I'm coming from a meeting with a hiring manager. Phew, I am always on the run. Everyone is doing conference calls, but I believe the best way to approach someone is in person! You know, you get to see their eyes... the windows to their soul. I'm sure you agree, don't you? But I digress. It's a pleasure to meet you!



Why hello, young Sir. My name is Kurt. Candidates sure have changed over the years. Oh my! Despite my decades of experience and my undoubtable skills, my closing rates are not what they used to be. I wonder...Now they all use those science-fiction stuff to talk to each other. They are always "in the web". But what about a good old landline phone call? Wait, what do you mean "what is a landline"?!


Hey there! I'm Nino. Digital is EVERYTHING nowadays. I'm specialized in social media, job posting SEO and all things techy related to my job! My favorite word is "hack". I spend my days looking for cooler ways to do things - I am obsessed with apps and Chrome extensions!